German customers come to visit FA fabric factory

2023/05/02 13:34:36

  The three-year epidemic situation has prevented many of our customers from visiting our factory. With the end of the epidemic situation, our customers have come one after another in recent months to visit our complete qualit production system, select our new design drafts, and we discussed Quilting fabric, Fat quarter, Jelly Roll, and Finished products orders, and completed the procurement plan while enjoying the beautiful sea view and beer in Qingdao.

  During the visit, the German customer was given a tour of the factory, which included the production line, quality control department, and the warehouse. They were impressed with the modern equipment and the advanced technology used in the production process. They also had the opportunity to speak with the factory's management team and learn about the company's philosophy, values, and business practices.

  The highlight of the visit was the showroom, where the German customer was able to see and feel the various fabrics produced by the factory. They were particularly interested in the silk, wool, and high-quality cotton fabrics. The German customer expressed their admiration for the quality of the fabrics and the attention to detail in their production.

  The visit was seen as a success by both parties, as the German textile companies were impressed with the level of quality and production capacity of the Chinese factory. The Chinese factory management team expressed their willingness to work closely with the German companies to develop a long-term partnership.

Overall, the visit was a great opportunity for both the German and Chinese textile industries to build relationships and explore new business opportunities. The delegation left with a positive impression of the factory and expressed their interest in working with the Chinese factory in the future.


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