Russian customers visit FA fabric factory in China

2023/05/09 09:55:00

  On the morning of May 9th, a group of Russian customers visited a fabric factory in China. The Russian customers was warmly welcomed by the factory's staff and given a tour of the facilities.

  During the tour, the Russian customers were impressed by the advanced equipment and high-quality products produced by the factory. They were particularly interested in the factory's production process and asked many detailed questions about the materials and machinery used.

  The factory's management team gave a thorough explanation of the production process and demonstrated the use of various machines. The Russian customers also had the opportunity to observe the workers in action and see how the fabrics were made.

  After the tour, the Russian customers expressed their satisfaction with the factory and its products. They expressed interest in establishing a long-term business relationship with the factory and placing orders for their own company.

  FA fabric factory looks forward to continuing to work with its Russian customers and producing high-quality products for the global market.


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