BSCI Follow Up Audit Successfully Completed-F&A

2023/04/07 11:26:23

  As of April 6, 2023, Qingdao F And A Textile Co.,Ltd has completed the BSCI factory audit successfully. BSCI is the

 acronym for European Business Social Responsibility. The full English name: Business Social Compliance Initiative.

 The follow-up audit scope of this audit covers 13 implementation areas of BSCI. The auditor refers to the rectification

 situation submitted by the factory to check the improvement situation of the fabric supplier factory. The whole process

 went very smoothly. FA actively cooperates with relevant auditors to complete the verification of various indicators of

 fabric production and staff. The passing of the inspection also reflects the standardized management of the factory.

  F&A fabric manufacturer has always been adhering to the business philosophy of customer first and not forgetting the

 original intention. To bring better wholesale fabric product quality, we can check at every level whether it is equipment,

 manpower or production environment. For us, every customer is our important service object. The successful

 completion of this follow-up audit will continue to push us to do a good job in every step.


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