Brands' Manufacturers - What's so good?

2022/07/05 17:47:20

  Brands' manufacturers, who are they? How could fabric shops benefit from them? Well, to answer this we need to start with how the fabrics are manufactured and delivered to your store in the first place.

  With the globalization going, many of the production parts of the famous brands are actually handed over to other countries, especially China. 

  Buying sewing fabrics from a factory like this is something that could really help your retail business, for it could cut the cost of the middle wholesaler that was originally supplying fabrics for quilting, fat quarters, jelly rolls fabric, fabric bolts, and all kinds of precut fabrics to the stores across the world, which means the cost would be much lower.

  As much as we love quilting, after starting a fabric store or any kind of fabric business, we must have enough profits to keep our career going, so why not jump off the middle wholesalers and purchase the same quality fabrics from the brands' original source factory?


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