Lawn fabric is a lightweight, sheer, and breathable fabric that is perfect for warm weather clothing. It is made from fine cotton yarns that are tightly woven together, creating a smooth and crisp texture that is perfect for summer dresses, blouses, and skirts.

  One of the biggest advantages of lawn fabric is its ability to keep the wearer cool and comfortable in hot and humid weather. The fabric's tight weave allows air to circulate freely, preventing the buildup of heat and moisture on the skin. This makes it a popular choice for summer clothing in regions with high temperatures and humidity.

General Specifications
Composition:100% cotton 
FBA sevice:Offer
Custom service:Prints,size,packing,logo
Deliver time:7-15days

  Lawn fabric is also a popular choice for its aesthetic appeal. Its smooth and crisp texture gives it a luxurious and elegant look, making it a popular choice for special occasion clothing such as wedding dresses and formal wear.

Lawn fabric is also easy to care for, as it can be machine washed and dried without losing its shape or texture. It is also highly durable, as its tight weave prevents it from snagging or tearing easily.

Above are the patterns we have in stock, you can choose the product to order by sending the color number.

If you need more jersey weights and patterns, please contact us.

Accept customized service


1.Color customization:

We can provide customized service of product color/pattern, you only need to provide your file in AI/PDF format, 

then FA can customize the fabric for you.

2.Product customization:

You can choose the product material and give us the usage scenario you need, and we can help you complete the

customization, including fabric decoration, bedding, diy customization, patchwork series, etc.

                                          Product display

DIY crafts series

Patchwork products

Upholstery fabric

Clothing fabric

There are various uses of fabrics. The above shows our finished products. If you have any brand, logo, customization,

packaging, etc. please contact us.

                                Custom Fabric Flowchart

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