Why black and white jelly rolls are so popular for fabric quilts

2023/10/11 07:58:21

Black and white jelly rolls are pre-cut fabric strips that are typically 2.5 inches wide and come in a roll. They are an excellent choice for creating quilts and other fabric projects that feature a classic and timeless black and white color scheme. 

 1. Versatility: Black and white are neutral colors that can be easily incorporated into various quilting designs and styles. Whether you're creating a modern, traditional, or minimalist quilt, black and white jelly rolls provide a versatile foundation. 

2. Contrast and impact: The sharp contrast between black and white creates a striking visual impact in quilts. This bold contrast can enhance the design elements and patterns in your quilt, creating a dramatic and eye-catching effect. 

3. Coordinated fabric: Jelly rolls typically contain a collection of fabric strips that are already coordinated in terms of color and pattern. This makes it easy to mix and match the strips to create interesting and cohesive quilt designs. 

4. Time-saving: Pre-cut jelly rolls save time and effort compared to cutting individual fabric strips. They provide a convenient way to start your quilting project quickly and eliminate the need for extensive cutting and measurement. 

5. Design possibilities: Black and

white jelly rolls allow for a range of design possibilities. You can use them to create simple strip quillting directly.


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